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Broken Chains



I heard a convicting and uplifting Resurrection sermon yesterday morning, and since I won't be able to do it justice in a post, here's the link:


The sermon is titled: Resurrection: A Call to Remember His Words

Essentially, when we remember Christ's words, we are reminded about who He is and who we are in Him. His words are life-giving because He died on the cross and was resurrected. His words would have little meaning without the unalterable facts of crucifixion and resurrection. When we remember His words in the context of resurrection, we remember who we were, who He is, and who we are now. His words give us a new identity. Our pastor had a fantastic illustration, which may whet your appetite for more...

In WWI, there were many men injured and dying in a foxhole. One man who was obviously dying was overheard to have told his friend, Dominick, to take his papers and identifying information, and exchange it with his own. Dominick had lived an outwardly rebellious life, and was wanted by the police in several countries. By taking Dominick's papers, his friend would be taking his convictions and crimes to the grave with him. Dominick would have a completely new identity with which to start a new life.

I am not doing justice AT ALL to this sermon...I recommend you listen for yourself!


House Hunting...or Building??!!

Okay. So. Today. We both a) found a house we really like, and b) are considering building a house. How to choose??!! The house we like is only 6 years old, and would suit us quite well. The new homes we looked at would, obviously, be brand new, and we could customize and choose everything, from countertops to flooring to paint. How in the WORLD does one make such a decision??!!

We are leaning towards building...we like the homes we saw, and they are slightly bigger than the 6-yr old one, which means we could stay there longer than the 5 years we were planning on with an older home. Bigger yard and more bedrooms would help that. PLUS...something we heard from two different people today is that there is a Toyota plant in the works around here...which means a glut of people looking for and building homes...which means a seller's market for home and rising costs for building or buying. So. Decide NOW is what everyone says. Which is interesting and exciting...probably before April is over we will have decided something...but what??!!

I think I'll go call my dad.


House Hunting

My husband and I are going house hunting today.

We've looked at one house already, which sold two days later (not to us, obviously). We were semi-prepared to put an offer on the house, but wanted the in-laws to look at it first...that was supposed to happen on Saturday. Frankly, we were disappointed, although I think we're over it now. After all, it was the first house we looked at! However.

Now I think I'm a little nervous...what if this happens to EVERY house we look at?! What if we see a house we really really like, but can't afford it? What if we're doomed to another year of 700 sq feet, dirty and smelly stairwells, and um, well, interesting neighbors?

So. A little anxiety. To go along with the excitement, I suppose. God's giving me another opportunity to trust Him for something big. I praise Him that I'm realizing that NOW, before we actually get into the process, instead of after a lot of emotional ups and downs. Hopefully I'll remember that throughout! So, if you think of it, please pray that we won't be too eager or too cautious, too anxious or too laid-back. And that we find a house we like that doesn't cost an arm and a leg!


Praise God...even today

It's just occurred to me that I really needed to read the quote that I just posted from John Flavel. I've been having a rather self-indulgent pity-party day today, mostly with regard to my feelings of loneliness. I've been wishing--and praying--that God would send just one person my way...someone my age, who doesn't have children to tie her down, shares similar interests, has room in her life for a new friend, has an education (unfortunately, a rarity here in this part of Ontario), etc. I've been pretty specific in my request, wouldn't you say? Too specific...practically snobbish! And since no such person seems to be looming on the horizon, I've been feeling pretty sorry for myself today, thinking that God has forgotten about me or doesn't care about loneliness...and as soon as I read that quote again, I realized how faithless and unbelieving I am.

I have so much in my life that I soooo do not deserve...a loving husband, a loving family (albeit one that's 300 miles away), e-mail friends, a good church, shelter, food, warmth, a mother-in-law that doesn't mind one bit when I invite myself over for supper...and most of all, salvation! How can I imagine that my Father, who has put His own Son to death for MY sake, doesn't care about me??!! I need to trust that the moment a good friend becomes the best thing for me, God will send one my way. I believe I also need what my dear mother used to call an attitude adjustment. If you think of it, pray for me...both for my attitude and my currently friendless situation.

Good Friday and Resurrection Day (a much better name than "Easter", wouldn't you say?) are the good opportunities to renew our faith in a God who would do nothing less than sacrifice His own Son for our sakes...this is the God who has said:

"...those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint." (Isaiah 40:31)

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


"He spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all; how shall he not with him freely give us all things?" (Romans 8:32). How is it imaginable that God should withhold, after this, spirituals or temporals, from his people? How shall he not call them effectually, justify them freely, sanctify them thoroughly, and glorify them eternally? How shall he not clothe them, feed them, protect and deliver them? Surely if he would not spare his own Son one stroke, one tear, one groan, one sigh, one circumstance of misery, it can never be imagined that ever he should, after this, deny or withhold from his people, for whose sakes all this was suffered, any mercies, any comforts, any privilege, spiritual or temporal, which is good for them."

John Flavel


Klutzy Moment of the Day

I have learned that I am...a klutz. I did not know this until I got married, and my husband lovingly pointed it out to me. I am constantly tripping over nothing, walking into walls, dropping things, etc. I suppose I could blame it on our tiny apartment, but how would that explain my klutziness in the parking lot, or grocery store, or others' houses? No...I am a klutz. I have thought long and hard about this, and have determined that this is one of the ways the Lord is using to keep me humble. So, I will be periodically posting the Klutzy Moment of the Day, just to remind myself that I am human...and to give you a good laugh. Today's moment is actually from yesterday, but worth posting.

In our little--cozy--apartment, we have a wee little laundry room. We have very little storage space in our apartment, so that rooms is...kind of full. Well, I was doing laundry, and had placed a new bottle of laundry soap right in front of the door (on the inside of the room). Now, why I did this is a good question...and a different topic. The dryer buzzer went off, so I stepped into the room (over the bottle) , did what needed to be done, turned to walk out of the room...and forgot that the bottle was there. Yes, I tripped...and fell flat on my face. Not hurt, thankfully, although my ego was a bit bruised, and I was very glad no one was there to witness it...although here I am posting it for all the world to see. Wonder what THAT means?



This is actually a relatively appropriate first topic...

Anyone who knows me will have no trouble identifying one of my most passionate dislikes...KIM CHI!! Sorry to my dear Korean friends...I know you love it just as passionately as I dislike it, but how could you ingest something that smells like really rotten gym socks? I will never understand it. I could go on and on...but I won't. In fact, I'm actually going to say something GOOD about kim chi. This is pretty amazing, I must say.

"South Korea's spicy fermented cabbage dish, kimchi, could help to cure bird flu, according to researchers. Scientists at Seoul National University say they fed an extract of kimchi to 13 infected chickens - and a week later 11 of them had started recovering. The researchers said the results were far from scientifically proven and if kimchi did have the effects they observed, it was unclear why. South Koreans are reported to be eating more kimchi as a result of the study." (source: various news websites)

FINALLY, someone has come up with an acceptable and appropriate...even beneficial...use for kim chi! I never thought I would see the day...I hope the poor birds don't pass out from the smell before they start recovering.

First Post

What does one write for a first post? Something profound...but you won't find that here! Profundity is a little difficult for a Monday.

I suppose all I can say today is...welcome!