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Broken Chains


14 Weeks and 3 Days

Okay, not so sure about the seven INCHES part (it's more like seven centimeters), but nonetheless...


Happy Anniversary!

Sunday was Nueva Texan and her husband's first anniversary! Happy anniversary, guys! I hope you had a wonderful day, and Neil and I wish you many, many more years of loving each other and loving and serving the Lord together.


Igor the Alien, Apparently

So this is baby Igor. Looks like an alien, doesn't he/she?

We had our first ultrasound yesterday, at which we found out that I am further along than previously thought (by about 5 days, which puts me at 13w3d). Can't complain about that! The baby measures 7cm from head to bum, with a heart rate at the time of 154bpm. Seems fast, but babies' heart rates are normally 120-164. All that poking and prodding probably got him/her a little excited, because he/she was VERY active during the first part of the ultrasound, flailing arms and legs, moving his/her head and generally enjoying him/herself. (Are you annoyed with all the him/her stuff yet? I am.)

Then, during the second part of the ultrasound, the part where Neil was actually allowed in the room, the baby decided to take a nap, turning his/her back to the world, thumb in mouth. Unbelievable that I cannot feel a thing, yet this little person is growing and living and sucking his thumb inside of me. And probably jumping a bit when I sneeze like I've done 5 million times today (sorry, baby).

I'm sure this is a common experience for women when they get that first glimpse of their babies, but the ultrasound made the whole thing a lot more real for both Neil and me. Good for me, not so much for Neil, Mr. How-Are-We-Going-To-Pay-For-This. The only evidences of pregnancy until now have been a touch of nausea, tiredness, and hunger ALL THE TIME. And now, we have pictures...and a wee bit of a belly, enough so that most of my clothes are now either uncomfortable or immodest. I'd post pictures of my belly, but I'm not so sure everyone would appreciate that.

Anyway...I'll have more on pregnancy in a couple of days...must go feed the beast, er, little darling.

Another pic, this time with back to world. You can his spine!


Baby Dendekker...or "Igor", as Neil Likes to Call Him/Her