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Broken Chains


A Bad Day

So what do you do when you have a bad day? You know the kind of day I mean...when you get bleach on a new shirt, when you don't think the chocolate stains will come out of one of your husband's dress shirts, when your house seems a mess with little hope of getting it under control in a reasonable amount of time, when you make and eat lunch but it doesn't agree with you, when it's grey and damp outside, when you're having company for dinner but you're not entirely sure about what you're making, and your back hurts, and your baby is kicking the snot out of your kidneys...

Yes, that was my day yesterday. I could go on, but that's the gist of it. By 2pm I was feeling so overwhelmed I just wanted to sit down and cry, but I wouldn't let myself. I called my husband and he tried to cheer me up in the few minutes he could spare, but that wasn't a lasting solution. I tried to remember all of the wonderful lessons I learned in my counseling classes, but the best I could come up with was that God is in control of all of these things and that He orchestrates each moment of my day for my good. Very true! However. Somehow that didn't make much of a dent in my overwhelmed feelings.

So what do you turn to when things just don't seem to be going well? What Scripture or doctrine or meditation?

I will say that the day ended much better than I expected it to...dinner was a success, and although the house didn't get cleaned up as I would have liked, it was ok. Still dealing with the whole laundry situation, but it will get resolved one way or another. And the sun did finally come out for a little while. But I didn't like that I was so vulnerable to my "feelings" for so much of the day. I could chalk it up to hormones, but certainly Jesus Christ is more powerful than hormones...

So, my few, dear readers...what do you think?


So...Six Months Today

Only three more months until little Igor/Biff is due...it's hard to believe time has gone by this quickly. Apparently I am now in my third trimester, which means I get to start wishing this was OVER, already. Truth be told, I've already wished this a little bit at times, especially when I have to struggle to get my expanding body from a prone position to an upright one. No more abdominal muscles...or at least the ones I have aren't sufficient to allow me to just pop right up. But all things considered, I feel very good. I've started to put on a little more weight, for a total of 7lbs. I'm not very big for 6 mos, but the baby is growing and kicking just fine.

I suppose with the advent of the third trimester, we've been thinking a lot about everything that has to be done to prepare for this baby: paint/decorate the nursery, clean the crib and move it upstairs, buy a HOST of things ranging from stroller to car seat to diapers to rocking chair to clothes...and that list goes on and on. And we have to sign up for birthing classes. Was having a baby always this complicated?

Anyway, after this weekend I promise I will post pictures galore...of me and the house. Today is our fundraising event for the pregnancy center...so lots to do. Right now, the laundry is calling my name. How glamorous!