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Broken Chains


A Much Better Day

Can I just say...REAL contractions are NOT fun at ALL. They mess up your day and make you incapable of doing the most basic, party-preparation tasks, like going to the grocery store. Yesterday was the pregnancy center's Christmas party, at our house. Very low key (I am 9 mos pregnant, after all), but there were a few things that had to be done around here before the guests arrived. So, of course, the morning started off with Braxton-Hicks that increasingly got stronger and more and more painful. And then they weren't Braxton-Hicks anymore. They were REAL contractions. I couldn't focus. I could barely do anything except stare at my watch and time them and write down the numbers...wait, how do you write a 2 again? For hours they were 2-3 min apart. And why didn't I call my doctor or go to the hospital? I even packed a bag for myself...but I was in denial and I had a party to plan, of course. At 5:30pm, I finally said to Neil, "Umm, maybe I can't do this." At which point we considered postponing the party, while we continued to prepare for it. The discussion about postponing got lost in the preparation, and by the time our guests started to arrive about 7:15pm, the contractions were further apart. No less painful, but I was able to recover between them. They continued all night, but I managed to make it through the party and the cleanup (my husband ROCKS--he did all the dishes!) and to bed. Today--no more contractions. And it is a much better day. Amazing. Part of me is disappointed--I'd love to have this baby a little early. And my parents are visiting this weekend, so how perfect would that be? But still. I've got plans for this week, people, and they don't include having a baby. Yes, I'm joking, I know this baby will come when he/she is ready. But will I be ready? Hope so!


Biff has a Website

Hey y'all...

Check out our baby's website: www.9-18-2004.com. Some of you will remember the address as one we used for the wedding. It's not much at the moment, but hopefully after he/she is born we'll have pictures, etc. Maybe even updated by "Biff" him/herself. The joke around here is that this child is going to be born with a Palm Pilot in hand. His/her first words will undoubtedly be "did you get my e-mail?" or some such thing. :)