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Broken Chains


A Word to the Wise

If you're breastfeeding, do not eat broccoli one day and expect your 11-day old daughter to be the angel she has been up until that point. Yep. You'll end up with someone that looks NOTHING like this. All. Day. Long.


Baby Cate

Here's our little girl...

Cate Meredith
January 19, 2006
6 lb, 8 oz


Nursery Pictures

So here are a couple of pictures of the nursery...

We're using my old crib, cleaned up a bit, and an old dresser of Neil's that I painted white. It's the perfect height for a changing table as well, so that eliminated another piece of furniture to buy. My mom and sister bought us the rocking chair, and the bassinet that we'll be using my mom found at a garage sale for $10 and then kindly and expertly made a cover for. We've gotten lots of adorable receiving blankets that I'm sure you'll see featured in pictures once this baby is born.

I happen to love lime green and knew I wanted to use it for the nursery. I also like the idea of "bugs" for the decor, thinking it would be a relatively neutral way to decorate since we don't know if this child is a boy or a girl. I'm quite pleased with the way the nursery turned out, especially with the way the crib bedding (garage sale, $15) matches so well with the border. Anyway, enough bragging...enjoy!

Oh, and here's a "bonus"--39 weeks pregnant. Aren't I HUGE??!! :)


Pregnancy Update

It occurred to me that two out of the three people who read this blog (are you guys still out there? or have you given up on me?) might be wondering about this whole pregnancy thing and whether it's OVER or not. The answer is...no, it's not over. Not yet. I'm not actually due until the 21st, but 37 weeks is full term, and things could definitely happen before the actual 40 weeks is up (or AFTER, but we're NOT talking about that). So, at 38 weeks and 5 days, we are still waiting, rather patiently, I think. Pretty much everything is ready, except I have to go pick up our stroller/carseat and finish a wee bit of painting on the baby's dresser. Maybe I'll post some pics later today of the nursery. It's CUTE, if I do say so myself.

I have to say that probably one of the reasons we're being so patient at this point is because I really haven't been this comfortable during this whole pregnancy. Sure, it's a bit of a struggle to roll over to my other side in bed, and my hips can get sore from the extra weight, and sometimes I avoid going anywhere because for some reason driving (and the resultant heaving of the extra 20 lbs in and out of our Jeep Liberty) is something to be dreaded. But other than that...my appetite is good, I nap when I'm tired (and have the luxury of being at home to do so), and I have a very patient, considerate husband who doesn't gripe or moan about doing the dishes or having chicken nuggets for dinner.

The other reason that patience hasn't left us yet...our lives are going to change DRAMATICALLY in 2.5 weeks or less, and I always have a hard time with change. So maintaining the status quo right now is just fine with me. And Neil isn't going much of anywhere in January, leaving a little later in the morning and coming home early...we're enjoying the increased togetherness before two becomes three.

I'm thankful for the patience, and the relative physical comfort, and the extra time with Neil...praise God for His goodness and grace!