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Broken Chains


Aunt Holly came for a week-long visit. We miss her already! Posted by Picasa


Woman of the 2000s

I tend to surf the net a lot while I'm feeding Cate...either that or read a book. What else is there to do...except stare into space and think? And most days thinking just allows me to dwell on how our lives have changed dramatically in the past month, how much I miss being just the two of us, how exhausted I am, how many diapers I'll have to change today, etc. But that's another topic, I suppose...I do need to get my thought life under control, bringing every thought captive and giving all those things over to the Lord.

Anyway. So I read blogs and check out baby topics, etc. The other day I came across the blog of a young mother who was reflecting about how she is her daughter's role model in a specific way that her husband is not. She will teach her daughter (by example and with words) what it means to be a woman today. Her daughter will get her cues for how to interact with men and women from her.

Frankly, that scares me.

What does it mean to be a woman today? A woman in 2006 might look a little different from a woman in 1906. More importantly, what does it mean to be a godly woman...a woman after God's own heart? How do I teach my daughter what that means? Obviously I need to be a godly woman in order to teach her...am I a godly woman? Sadly, I can't really claim that. But I want to. Desperately...mostly for my daughter's sake, so that she will learn what it means to love God above all and to be loved by Him.

There's a lot more I could say on this topic, but right now I'm just interested in your thoughts, especially the women out there. Also...what resources have you found helpful in thinking about this topic?


Baby Cate Update

Wow. So this is the kid who wouldn't nurse and who I despaired of ever gaining weight...I was certain she would be a 19in, 6lb kindergartener. She is now, at 3 weeks of age, almost 8lbs. She gained a pound in a week, people. Babies typically gain an ounce a day, which works out to a little less than half a pound a week. All that feeding every hour has had its effect, I think. And her belly...almost looks distended, and totally out of proportion with the rest of her petite features. Now I'm convinced she'll be a 19in, 50lb kindergartener.

Miss Cate is currently sleeping, allowing me to get a few things done around here. Amazing how much energy I have now that I'm not lugging an extra 20lbs at the front. I'd love to mop floors, do dishes, cook, do laundry, dust...if only Cate would let me! Just as I start something, she wakes up, demanding attention or to be fed. Ah well...it will get better, I'm told, and before you know it I'll miss her snuggly little body and those 3am feedings. Mmmm...maybe not the 3am stuff.

Thanks so much to everyone for their e-mails, calls, cards and gifts...this is one spoiled little girl! We appreciate it all so much!

P.S. I just looked at my post of Jan 16...and I really was huge. I almost can't remember feeling/looking that way. Praise the Lord for energy and losing those 20lbs so fast.