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Broken Chains


It's Amazing...

...to me that even when Cate can't see me, but she hears my voice, she breaks out in a huge, open-mouthed smile that says, "that's my mom! and I love her!"

...Cate always wakes up with a smile for me, no matter how rough the night has been (although the rough nights are few and far between).

...she can go from screaming her pretty little chubbo head off one second to smiling and laughing at me the next. Hilarious. What fickle beings we are.

...Cate is intentionally grabbing at things, including toys...and my hair. I believe now is the time to start growing it out a bit so I can pull it back and out of the way of death grips.

...when I pick her up, her little arms that before just waved in the wind, now tighten around my neck or arm.

She is melting my heart, as if it needed any more melting. Three months really IS a magic age...she is more settled, more easily entertained, and more predictable. No more fussy evenings, and I can usually figure out quite easily what her needs are. Perhaps that's a function of me adjusting and learning about this motherhood stuff, and becoming more confident that I can make my little girl happy. Whatever it is, it's wonderful. And the whole breastfeeding thing that we struggled so much with at first? We've got it down pat, baby. This kid knows what she wants and how to get it, no problem. As evidenced by her HUGE cheeks and arm-breaking body weight...what that exact number is will be determined at her 3mos. checkup on Thursday, but we estimate it at 16lbs. Yes, that's right, 16lbs at 3mos. I thought I'd have a wee little peanut of a girl...instead, I'm building great triceps and biceps. Ha.

And here she is...last week I was taking pictures of her and told her to smile. She did. Three times in a row. Two of the smiles were accompanied by a shy turning of the head, as if to say, "Mom, I really don't like having my picture taken all that much, but since I know you love to do it, I'll smile anyway."


version 30

Yep, version 30, not three-point-zero. My dear, sweet husband turned 30 on Saturday, so although this post is a little late...happy birthday, Neil!

I'm not sure why I'm bothering, because he doesn't even read my blog (don't you think that's weird? If he had a blog, I'd definitely read it! I'd be so interested to see what he was thinking about and what he thought was important enough to publish for the world to see...). But I guess I want to share my joy in my husband with all of my (three) readers...

This last year has been one of a LOT of changes...a new house, a baby, more work and responsibility for Neil. We couldn't have foreseen in April 2005 where we would be in April 2006, but I'm thankful we had the kind of year we did. We're both a little older, hopefully a little wiser, a little more experienced. There was a fair amount of "bad" in the past year, but that contributed to the experience and wisdom just as much, if not more than, the "good" of the past year. And through it all, good and bad, there isn't anyone I would have rather been with than my husband. He balances my scatterbrained tendencies, my disorganization, my emotional nature with discipline, direction, organization and calm, levelheaded thoughtfulness. I've learned so much from him.

So, sweetheart, even though you'll probably never read this...happy birthday. I hope your next 30 years are filled with knowledge and wisdom and love...with a little bit of fun and sponteneity thrown in for good measure.


version 10.5

...weeks, that is. We can hardly believe that we have a two-and-a-half month old daughter...I'm still not sure I've fully adjusted to the fact that I am a MOM. I still feel like I'm 21 at times, not 27. However, those are the facts, and it's been amazing to watch Cate grow and learn, especially since she started talking and smiling 3-4 weeks ago. As I type this, Cate is playing with a Winnie-the-Pooh "gym" where toys hang from links. Only two weeks ago she HATED lying on the floor underneath it...now she's batting at two different toys simultaneously, with both hands. And cooing, laughing, and ALMOST rolling over. My mom and dad visited this past weekend, and my mom brought Cheer Bear, my old CareBear. Cate loves it! She will smile and laugh and coo at it. It must have an engaging face.

We are having a few sleep issues lately...for a while, Cate only wanted to take her daytime naps in her swing. She would fuss and cry until I put her there, only to fall asleep within minutes. I've discovered that she will sleep there for HOURS (like 4) on end, which, combined with the time change this past weekend, has made for a not-very-sleepy little girl when it's bedtime. Which makes for a very sleepy mom in the morning. We were doing so well with the 10pm-6am, but that time change messed us up. So, I've stopped putting her in the swing for naps, and she sleeps for shorter amounts during the day. Since she now enjoys her Pooh gym, she is entertained when she is awake and not falling asleep out of boredom. Hopefully this will translate to more sleeping at night.

In other news, Cate is also GROWING at a rather rapid weight...she gained four lbs in a month, prompting her doctor to say, "well, that's a healthy weight gain!" Uh, yeah. Cate likely weighs around 13.5 lbs now, and is around 24in long. To put that in perspective, when I turned 1, I weighed 19lbs. The dress that I wore for my 1yr picture would fit Cate now, at almost 3 months! In the pictures, you can see her fluffy cheeks...don't you just want to eat them??!!

"Here she comes with that camera again...mom, enough with the pictures, already..."

Cate and Grandma