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Broken Chains


It's Amazing...

...to me that even when Cate can't see me, but she hears my voice, she breaks out in a huge, open-mouthed smile that says, "that's my mom! and I love her!"

...Cate always wakes up with a smile for me, no matter how rough the night has been (although the rough nights are few and far between).

...she can go from screaming her pretty little chubbo head off one second to smiling and laughing at me the next. Hilarious. What fickle beings we are.

...Cate is intentionally grabbing at things, including toys...and my hair. I believe now is the time to start growing it out a bit so I can pull it back and out of the way of death grips.

...when I pick her up, her little arms that before just waved in the wind, now tighten around my neck or arm.

She is melting my heart, as if it needed any more melting. Three months really IS a magic age...she is more settled, more easily entertained, and more predictable. No more fussy evenings, and I can usually figure out quite easily what her needs are. Perhaps that's a function of me adjusting and learning about this motherhood stuff, and becoming more confident that I can make my little girl happy. Whatever it is, it's wonderful. And the whole breastfeeding thing that we struggled so much with at first? We've got it down pat, baby. This kid knows what she wants and how to get it, no problem. As evidenced by her HUGE cheeks and arm-breaking body weight...what that exact number is will be determined at her 3mos. checkup on Thursday, but we estimate it at 16lbs. Yes, that's right, 16lbs at 3mos. I thought I'd have a wee little peanut of a girl...instead, I'm building great triceps and biceps. Ha.

And here she is...last week I was taking pictures of her and told her to smile. She did. Three times in a row. Two of the smiles were accompanied by a shy turning of the head, as if to say, "Mom, I really don't like having my picture taken all that much, but since I know you love to do it, I'll smile anyway."


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