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Broken Chains


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...weeks, that is. We can hardly believe that we have a two-and-a-half month old daughter...I'm still not sure I've fully adjusted to the fact that I am a MOM. I still feel like I'm 21 at times, not 27. However, those are the facts, and it's been amazing to watch Cate grow and learn, especially since she started talking and smiling 3-4 weeks ago. As I type this, Cate is playing with a Winnie-the-Pooh "gym" where toys hang from links. Only two weeks ago she HATED lying on the floor underneath it...now she's batting at two different toys simultaneously, with both hands. And cooing, laughing, and ALMOST rolling over. My mom and dad visited this past weekend, and my mom brought Cheer Bear, my old CareBear. Cate loves it! She will smile and laugh and coo at it. It must have an engaging face.

We are having a few sleep issues lately...for a while, Cate only wanted to take her daytime naps in her swing. She would fuss and cry until I put her there, only to fall asleep within minutes. I've discovered that she will sleep there for HOURS (like 4) on end, which, combined with the time change this past weekend, has made for a not-very-sleepy little girl when it's bedtime. Which makes for a very sleepy mom in the morning. We were doing so well with the 10pm-6am, but that time change messed us up. So, I've stopped putting her in the swing for naps, and she sleeps for shorter amounts during the day. Since she now enjoys her Pooh gym, she is entertained when she is awake and not falling asleep out of boredom. Hopefully this will translate to more sleeping at night.

In other news, Cate is also GROWING at a rather rapid weight...she gained four lbs in a month, prompting her doctor to say, "well, that's a healthy weight gain!" Uh, yeah. Cate likely weighs around 13.5 lbs now, and is around 24in long. To put that in perspective, when I turned 1, I weighed 19lbs. The dress that I wore for my 1yr picture would fit Cate now, at almost 3 months! In the pictures, you can see her fluffy cheeks...don't you just want to eat them??!!

"Here she comes with that camera again...mom, enough with the pictures, already..."

Cate and Grandma


  • Great pictures -- I especially like the second one!

    By Blogger Molly, at 8:37 PM  

  • Thanks! I have TONS of pictures, of course...I could probably post a new one or two everyday and not run out for a year! It's not hard to take good pictures with such an adorable subject...and no, I'm not biased! :)

    By Blogger american girl, at 9:05 AM  

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