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Broken Chains


Too Much to Bear?

Have you ever gone through something awful, truly awful, and had a few well-intentioned people, in an honest attempt to comfort or encourage, say something like "God won't give you more than you can bear", or "all things work together for good"? Have you maybe said those things yourself, to someone experiencing significant suffering? I know I have, on both counts. Sarah's experience with her newborn daughter's heart disease has made her a magnet for phrases like these. Her response is instructive and heartfelt, and very much worth the read.


Wee Book

Ellen over at The Reign of Ellen The Reign of Ellen is an excellent cartoonist and the mother of an adorable little girl.

Check out her post and downloadable book, A Wee Book About Jesus. She's "distilled" the gospels and illustrated them. As a seminary graduate, I have to say that what she's written isn't complete and there's a lot of value to reading the gospels in their entirety, yet there is something captivating in her distillation. I plan to download the book and bring it out when Cate is old enough to start learning about God.



You wouldn't believe how many posts I've started in the last few weeks...and not finished. I am DETERMINED that this one will be finished, no matter how short it ends up being! In my last post I said that I needed to just write, regardless of how self-conscious or unsure I feel...obviously that didn't work out so well.

My main reason for posting today is to get some new pictures of Cate up, but before I do, I'd like to ask for prayer from the few that read this. I have been sick for the last week and a half with a cold of some sort, one that has left me with congestion, coughing and a sore throat/ears. If I don't take ibuprofen throughout the day, I can hardly function due to the pain. I don't get much sleep at night because of the coughing. I just finished a course of antibiotics, so hopefully this sickness is on its way out, but I wake up feeling terrible every morning and go to bed knowing that I won't get the sleep I so desperately need. It takes a lot of energy to be a 6 month old's mom, and my energy stores are being depleted without much recharging. I likely have an iron deficiency that contributes to my tiredness, and nursing also takes a lot out of me. On top of all of that, I recently discovered that I have a hernia. All the coughing I'm doing aggravates it, which freaks me out no end. Do you have any idea how disgusting it is for your INSIDES to be OUTSIDE...and to be able to push them back in??!! The only remedy is surgery, but since I don't have OHIP (Ontario health coverage) yet, I have to wait for that. Getting pregnant again would also not be a good idea.

When I am chronically tired, my mood is correspondingly...bad. My poor husband comes home to a wife who's at the end of her patience rope just about every day. I find myself getting angry at the most insignificant things, so angry that I want to throw things. I'm a laidback person in general, so wanting to throw things is pretty bad! Every day God gives me just enough to make it through, which is really all I need, right? I guess I'm just discouraged. And tired.

ANYWAY. On to much more cheerful things. Look at my cute daughter!

Argh. I wanted to post a couple more pics, but Blogger is not cooperating. I guess that's all for now.