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joie de vivre

Molly at Brittle Crazy Glass started a meme and tagged me for it, oh...um, let's just say "a while ago" and leave it at that, shall we? Here are the rules: "Summer is a time when I feel an especial joie de vivre, so this meme is in honor of celebrating and loving life. If you could pick one photo that epitomizes joie de vivre, or quote one short piece of prose or poetry, or write one, what would it be? Don't think about it long and hard, just do the first thing that comes to mind."

Since I have little time for reading these days, here's a photo of (who else?) my daughter that epitomizes, for me, the joy of living. Cate doesn't know much about sadness quite yet (except for that time when I left her in her daddy's care for 3 hours and she screamed the whole time. but perhaps that was more "mad" than "sad"?). Every single day I thank God that my daughter is such a happy, content little girl. I know that the fact that we love her to pieces and meet all of her needs plays into her contentment in a big way, but I pray that she remains happy and content because of her relationship with the Lord. Her world is an ever-expanding place full of things to discover, and she loves to "discover" (mostly with her mouth). It's not a perfect picture in terms of lighting or framing or anything else, but it speaks volumes to me.


  • I love how her arms are flapping!

    Thanks, Beth :)

    By Blogger Molly, at 12:32 PM  

  • What a total little cutie! Look at all that hair! (Says the mother of the bald baby) I want to eat her up!

    By Anonymous Carrie, at 12:12 PM  

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