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Broken Chains


Random Randomness

A few thoughts swirling around in my head...

1. Cate is not a wee baby anymore. Well, she hasn't been for a while, but with the whole sitting up thing, and getting two teeth thing, and actually enjoying being on her belly for longer than 2 seconds, it's becoming rapidly apparent to me that she is GROWING. Every time I see those two teeth I think, "STOP GROWING ALREADY!" This goes way too fast, and we're only in month 7.

2. So even though she won't stop growing, she's a joy and a delight and we couldn't love her more. A more content baby would be hard to find. And this child is a social butterfly--"Mom, you're kind of boring. Give me more people!"

3. Teeth. Yikes. They sort of snuck up on us, since there was no "moment" when she was screaming her head off or anything to mark the occasion. One arrived at Grandma USA's house, the other a week later. So far she's only bitten me 4 times, but three of those four times have been in the last couple of days. Not good. Can't wait till the top ones come in.

4. Cate's had a red, bumpy rash on her cheeks for lo these four months. I have tried everything I can think of to get rid of it, or at least ease it (vaseline, hydrocortisone, bum butt'r, triple antibiotic...), but nothing worked. I even got a prescription for cortisone (to be used sparingly, b/c it can thin the skin), went to the naturopath and got some pills for her to take to balance out the acidity of her drool...nothing. And then? After the second tooth came in? GONE. Within a week, her cheeks were almost like new again. The relief I felt was immeasurable. AND THEN??!! It came back. She is apparently teething again and that is what is causing it. Now I know what it is, and we can handle it until she gets more teeth.

5. Umm, oh, I'd better get going here. I've got more, but it'll have to wait. I've got par-tays to go to, I tell you...people to see, places to go, things to do...ciao for now.


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