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Broken Chains


Time for Pictures: 7 Months

Time for a few more pictures...Cate has learned how to get food to her mouth all by herself, although whether or not she'll do it is highly dependent on her mood. If I position the spoon so she can grasp it, she'll often bring it to her mouth. The first few days she did this eagerly...then she figured out that mom was still holding onto the spoon, so why bother? She'll grasp it very lightly, and not make the full trip to her mouth. Perhaps she's inherited her mother's laziness? Her dad hopes not.

Grins are the order of the day, every day.

Cate always looks so cute in hats. This is one her cousins have loaned her. Not quite hat wearing season yet, but I couldn't resist.

Hard to believe it's the same baby, isn't it? I think Cate was 10 days old here. Time has certainly flown. And yes, those are Mr. Potato Head glasses. We like to play dress-up with our baby. So what?


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