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Broken Chains


Vacation Schmacation

Well. We just "returned" from our week-long vacation, and we probably will never go on vacation again. It was not quite what we had planned.

A couple of months ago we planned to go camping with two other families during the second week of August. For various reasons, that didn't work out, but Neil had already notified all of his clients that he would be unavailable that week, so we decided to take advantage of the week. Of course we started it out with a visit to Michigan to see my family, where Cate got her first tooth. Grandma USA was quite thrilled. It was actually a non-event...we're not sure when the tooth came through. Have I mentioned that my daughter is rather good-natured? Yes. Not even a peep or flicker of crankiness. I'm spoiled.

So we had planned to come home on Tuesday morning, do some laundry and unpacking, then head to St. Jacobs on Wednesday for the day. Well, an unexpected meeting was scheduled for Wednesday (for me! not Neil, for a change.), so we decided to hit St. Jacobs on Thursday. That meant we could stay another day in Michigan! Great. Even though in the back of my mind I knew that an early departure would be somewhat difficult with a baby, and that I would likely be late to my 1pm meeting, I pushed those pesky thoughts to the background. Of course, I was right, and we didn't leave the house until 9am, which put us home at around 1:15pm. I got to the meeting at 1:30, and because most meetings don't start on time, didn't miss much.

However, Miss Cate decided it would be a good time to show her daddy that he just didn't cut it, that the only thing she wanted was her mommy. For about 3 hours. She. Screamed. Poor Neil...I came home to find him on the front porch, smoking. Cate was sitting on the floor in the living room, where he could see her from the door, just screaming. Poor Cate. I discovered that she had a rather signficant fever (102.6), which likely contributed to the screaming. So...we decided to skip the St. Jacobs trip on Thursday. No big deal, we're still planning Niagara on the Lake for Friday (sans baby!). We can use Thursday to catch up, do a few things around the house, etc. Thursday was good, for the most part. Cate still had a little fever that disappeared by the end of the day. We hung around, went and picked up my new glasses, then headed to Neil's parents' house to drop Cate off for the evening and next day.

After a nervous hour or two of forgetting that Cate wasn't, in fact, in her crib and we didn't need to keep things quiet around here, it was off to dreamland. Up at 6:30am, showered, dressed, spritz a little perfume (because, after all, this is our first day out without the baby, and wouldn't it be nice to feel like a wife again instead of a mom?) and off to breakfast. Finish breakfast, hop in the Jeep and start the 1.5 hr drive. And...cue husband sneezing. And sneezing. And sneezing some more. Stop at a drugstore for allergy meds, take some, keep sneezing. Stop at bank for cash. Keep sneezing. Drive rest of the way to NOTL, sneezing. Wife commenting on beautiful scenery between sneezes. Find awesome parking spot amid sneezes. Walk up Queen Street, into a few shops, sneezing. Walk, er, stomp back down Queen Street, sneezing. Get in car after a mere TEN minutes in NOTL, drive back home.

I think my husband is allergic to my perfume.

We spent the rest of the day sleeping (Neil) and doing a few chores (Beth). We picked up Cate around suppertime, then it was back to bed for Neil. He took so many allergy pills that the next day he was dragging his drugged body around and feeling useless. Then, to top of a rather eventful and not particularly relaxing week (Me, two months ago: "Neil, you really need a vacation. You just need a week of relaxation. It will rejuvenate you for work again!"), we babysat for a 2.5 year old and 9 month old. Umm, yeah. Not relaxing at all.

So...we will try the NOTL again in a few weeks, maybe for our anniversary. As for another vacation...I don't see it happening anytime soon.


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