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Broken Chains


Care Instructions

I went shopping today, at Winners, which recently came to town. They sell name-brand clothing at WalMart-type prices. (Which we are boycotting, by the way. WalMart, that is. They became part of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and are now giving "homosexual-owned businesses special treatment when making purchases." What? Whatever happened to not discriminating based on sex, race, ethnicity, blah blah blah?)

Anyway. I bought a couple of tops and some knee-high socks, which I love to wear in the winter with the skirts I so often have to don in these parts. As I was putting the clothes away, I noticed a label on one of the shirts. I first attempted to read the French side (why is it that no matter what I pick up, whether it's a can of bean sprouts or a toy for Cate, the French side is ALWAYS face up. Irritating.). Flipping the tag over, I expected to see care instructions or some comment about the quality of the garment. Which was exactly what I read, although not quite in the way I expected:

"This sweater has been knitted with great care wich givesit a very soft handfeel., and easy to wear
A charateristic of fashion made by CYC.
Before wearing you must steamit. The steam will add to its beauty.
To maintanits original shape, please respect the particular care instructions"

No, those aren't typos. At least not typos made by me. I checked the inside tag, and sure enough, "Made in China". Why am I not surprised. I think "CYC" needs a new translator.


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